Thursday, August 8, 2013


As you have have seen in previous posts, we sacrificed the old pantry to create more space in the kitchen.  I had just gotten used to having my first pantry and was quite excited about having a little room dedicated to storing food and other items.  #PantryProblems.  We turned to what we began using as a broom closet, the only other closet on the first floor, for hope.  The size of the space was decent, however the layout was another story.  The room was 1.) very deep, 2.) had no shelves, and 3.) had oddly slanted walls.  Jeff created two custom shelves for storage, but this really only solved one problem.  Thank goodness for The Container Store.  Jeff installed some very functional pull out drawers, while I moved onto more important things like storage containers and matching chalkboard labels.


Top shelf
Bottom shelf

Jeff's personal snack bin

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