Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wood vs. Metal

Our kitchen and living room are separated by five large columns, encased in ornate, white molding.  Since they are load-bearing, the columns can not be removed so we decided we would just replace the molding with something more modern.  When Jeff pulled off the molding of one of the columns, it left a small metal pole with an industrial look.  Now we have a dilemma.  Should we polish up the metal and keep the poles or should we replace with a different wood molding?  What do you think?

Columns with molding

Column without molding


  1. What an interesting dilemna! I guess it depends on how you plan to decorate that space on what would go more, wood or metal. Love Lincoln in the background!

  2. Yes, it is! Most of our selections lean towards modern and I just love the metal, so I would love to do that. We are battling a traditional home, though! Hope you and husband Tim are well :)

  3. I think the metal is an interesting idea, but I think that the wood would definitely keep it more traditional. I personally like the wood, but I am sure that whatever you choose will turn out wonderful! :)